Randall Lawrence Mass

Randall Mass



Mr. Mass is an International Strategic Advisor with 30+ years of experience working with International Fortune 500 and Federal executives, the White House (i.e., OMB, OA, Joining Forces), Political Appointees across both the Bush and Obama Administrations, and legislators on Capitol Hill. Mr. Mass has had the honor of working across both party's administrations at the Executive Branch where his consulting firm, Mass Management Consultants, Inc., supported the Executive Office of the President (EOP) across both the Bush and Obama Administrations.

Mr. Mass is also well known globally for solving operational, intelligence and security issues of great magnitude within the Federal Government. He is able to visualize and solve complex matters by understanding differentiators and patterns that most individuals are unable to see. He currently assists companies and individuals in gaining access to the “right” information, intelligence and resources they need to succeed in the Domestic and Global Marketplace by combining his extensive experience with both Commercial and Federal Clients. He counsels corporations on Strategic, Competitive, and Private Intelligence, Cyber security, and the Human Factors directly related to security risks. His experience is broad and deep with clients including some of the best - recognized names today. These include: American Express, McDonald’s, the Executive Office of the President (i.e., White House), Procter and Gamble, the Federal Aviation Administration, Commerce Clearing-house, Alexander and Alexander, CSC, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, General Electric, Georgia Pacific, PeopleSoft, Royal Dutch Shell, Nations Bank, Aetna, Kmart, American International Group, Inc., and Lockheed Martin.

Mass Management Consulting, Inc. has strategic relationships with many military, intelligence and diplomatic organizations globally, thus providing further depth and scale in solving complex issues.

Lastly, and in addition to his advisory work, Mr. Mass is also the Founder of the Art and Diplomacy Foundation, a 501c3 non profit aimed as using the arts to create breakthrough advances in Peace.